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You and Me

One star for you, one star for me,
Someday we'll meet and will be.
Be one.
Moved to one world
together and always.
Love, forever.
Until im with you, i will just believe;
Believe that you'll eventually be there beside me.

It makes me feel like im dying.
I'll never feel whole until im in your arms.
Thats where my safety is.
I wanna awake in your arms every morning.

I wanna know you love me,
 Say it!
Say it so the whole world can hear.
Your not here now but maybe your close enough to hear my heart beat only for you.

Feel the vibration?
Let it roll through you like thunder.
Feel my pain as it equals yours.
Look up and run;
Run and find the way.
Realize it was you my heart was calling for.

Believe and you'll know.
You'll know the feeling.
So far from eachother.
But someday,
Someday we'll come together.
Like stars rocketing towards earth together in showers,
 We will be shooting.
So beautiful together falling.
Always side by side until we hit the ground.

Until the end of time.
No it won't be the end.
Not for us, even after death.
We will be;
Always and forever,
You and me                                     
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Edward Wilkes More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the read. Thanks!
Tra More than 1 year ago
Robinson Rosa More than 1 year ago
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