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Eastern Breeze

Bleak street wrought with
endless corruption and frustration.
Dire need brought forth for
limitless artistic expression.
The downtrodden, caught ones,
oppression, anxiety.
Modern conformist society
clipping their wings
amidst the mist of tyranny.
Feeding them things,
creating zest for monotony.
Exorcising individuality.
Carefulness brought forth by
information age.
Governments can’t afford thy
rebellious rage.
The Network, the censorship.
Tiananmen square, the tanks.
Anonymous and Wang Weilin,
namelessly creating,
producing, collaborating.
Instigating change of
value and structure

while shopping for groceries.

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Albeth Morgian More than 1 year ago
I love it. So much. Kind of Ginsberg-esque?
Helen Sumner More than 1 year ago
I like this poem, it's very different from other styles, good use of words.. I like it very much :)
Daniel Rock More than 1 year ago
Its worth the imaginative read but lacks substance, intellectual design, invention, and genuine word smithing.
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