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Country road

Country road,  carpet of small rocks, the wheels turn,
touching, kissing it's unsettled beauty,
 eyes can't get enough of natures subtle display,
 that country road just wants to play,
gives you what you seek,
so narrow and sleek,

Trees gently sway,
conversing with the wind coming their way.
Hills, laughing from being tickled to much by the land, from all the love it had to send,
what a display of lovers play,  I have to say!
The moon on one side sees the sun and winks,
gives it away with a silver glow for the sun to say hello,
it wants to dance and make romance,
the sun beaming so bright, blushes here and there with nothing to say...
... Ok, ok, come here and kiss me, you will never miss me.
Country road .....
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Kendra Berry More than 1 year ago
I Visioned the whole poem man :-D I love it..
david kimutai More than 1 year ago
great connection
Vasudha Pulukuri More than 1 year ago
great words
Amiadra Arrington More than 1 year ago
Awesome job
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