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In another world-We might be able to dream...
To see things, and feel them-far beyond our means.
In another world - We may be"queens and kings"...
obtaining the Most - having all kinds of things.
In another worlld - we might live without fears...
Peace and harmony- shedding no tears.
In another world- we may live to eternity...
Spirits flowing forever- and our hearts flying free.
But, in another world - will I ever feel or see...
all the love that lives- between you and me?
In another world - I don't think I would ever find...
another living being like you...
So precious...and, One Of a Kind!

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Because I am going to die one day
I burst into laughter at the movies, and sneak in my own store bought snacks
I dance in the streets with strangers when I hear music playing
... continued
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It's pages are all wrinkled
The words are hard to read
I spilled coffee on it once
... continued
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Rhythmic sound push by slow grooves of Lovers music...........''

... continued
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mark twain is a hero and a friend [i'm sure he would have put up with me for awhile ] of mine i loved his perspective of life among other things i of view points i believe he would have done himself if the reports of his death didn't turn out to sadly be true ...thank you and please contact me .........here is the 7 th one
people are all hoarders some are just more discreet about where they hide their treasure.....
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i want to die,
but you curse me to live.
for every drop of blood that hits the floor,
... continued
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My voice is loud
My eyes stray far, yet near
My hands cannot be contained
... continued
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by Coy Day
Please get out of my face !
If not will not control what happens
this day .
... continued
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