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Autumn Feeling
Autumn’s view was grand
It was a great masquerade
... continued
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Trapped in this whirlwind like
Leaves in the fall, swirling
In whatever direction the wind blows
... continued
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Contrary dilemmas plague the exempted of no return Hate lurk in Darkness as stress immense any Soul left Phantom by Thoughts from Delirious People found without Speech in Streets with unfounded Fathoms.....''

''Black Phantom....''

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Exercise in gymnasium strengthen muscle
Increases potency of body in a large scale.
... continued
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A fools tale

There was a man who liked a lot of things.
... continued
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Everyone’s heart transcended through space
A multitude of Poet’s ideas, so follow me being a trace
We have a race against time
... continued
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No more elephants
Will there be
When they have
... continued
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We love and wed beside the sea
The seagulls serenade us
We hear the oceanic melody
We dance like yin and yang
We amassed our love like the sea,
The sea is our Champagne
We drink its infamy,
Yes, the sea is vain
It wears the sun’s gown and jewelry
This is what I want you to wear,
When you become my bride
Our wedding will be beside the sea
It will have a joyous tide
A shore of sand and shells
With seagulls serenading us,
We will thank the sea
For the gifts it will share,
Let our sea have joyous tides
That will rise on our future
That will recede from our past
Always with happy memories,
The waves upon our happy sea will last,
Our sea will always glisten
As the waves forever whisper,
The sandy shore will ever listen,
Let the eternal white flowers
Bloom upon the waves,
We’ll always stand on the sands of truth
That has held our foot prints of love and youth,
We’ll swear we love each other grain by grain,
The tides can dissolve our footprints
Though they can never dissolve our love,
We’ll continue to love as husband and wife
While the seagulls serenade our beach life
And we listen to the oceanic melody.
******by Charles G Wituck******

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