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Why am I being utilized as a symbol of nonexistent love?
How long are you planning to tie me down here?
I personally have no interest in Andre -
i am sure quite a few guys don't have any interest in me either -
that feeling is mutual in that I feel that towards Andre
I would never choose that old man
same as for any girl seventeen year old -
as young as the sweet tender age of malia obama (just as a public figure)
as much as she won't choose a thirteen year older
it seems very clear
somebody imprisoned me here - mentally trapping me
planning ahead of me - of the world, of me and everybody else
because he does nothing and just rots and spins only his brain - namely andre
So i should take the initiative and cut that off
and what i came up with as an idea was to meet them all
In a not-so-weird style, so that it sets us all free
And to do that, i needed to meet either louis or steuart
nobody will know who they are - unless they frequent poetry.com
but, Andre clearly makes all music and induces brain energy enough to somehow convince even chip wilson
hah~ but nobody wants to set this straight
I am not gonna f..k anybody on a day I meet
I need to be set free from..
from andre's grip
and there is something going on.
(well, you can pretend. i am the best pretender, out of all of us, man)

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my yoga teacher
है सादा जीवन , पर उच्च विचार
अद्भुत वरदान मिला है रब से
... continued
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The fervent moment,
The helpless torment.
Of undiluted incomplete,
... continued
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Love, I am sick enough to open myself for a sudden embrace of a Love.
Love, it uplifts, puts a big smile on my face. An energy that carries my feet to go anywhere nowadays.
Jealousy, I am hurt enough to overlook the lurking heartbreak of a jealousy.
Jealousy, one, two... I count. I could risk myself, bare in nudity of mind in sheer, frigid coldness of abandonment.
Jealousy, where would you go, without making sure you follow as a shadow to accompany love.
So, I will collect skeletons of dreams, undreamed in an abandoned casket, thrown in depth of a dark ocean.
Oh i didn't wanna pick it up and open it. it's got Pandora's gifts.
Love, Jealousy, I hate this kind of feelings.
It's better to empty the mind.

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My fingers slip slowly from your hand
... continued
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The gentle hug,
that squeezed me tight,
The passionate kiss,
... continued
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Humanity in this miscellaneous time,
Has found herself in the grip of power
And we all like bundle of helpless broom
... continued
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Time keeps on passing by, but my situation remains the same
I keep on putting my heart out there, and they all play a similar little game
Pulling me in when I begin to push them out and try to get away
... continued
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