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Obese people everywhere
Obesity levels rising
Obesity despising
... continued
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Peeking out from peeled down paint
... continued
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Equality is a falsified notion—that is now more clear than ever before
as race relations that were already tense have finally evolved into an all out war.
Black lives matter, they claimed, until nine more lives were lost,
still, we march on, as we shall overcome, regardless of the cost.

Our children are daily forced to pledge allegiance to one nation,
with dishonest promises of liberty and justice that only ever result in aggravation.
There is no justice for people of colour,
for we are denied the same privilege bestowed upon the others.

There are no in or out-groups, no us versus them,
in this system built on lies that needs to be condemned.
The civil rights movement now seems like it was all in vain,
as the blood of our brothers and sisters still stains the streets
and ends up circling the drain.

The emancipation proclamation may as well have remained unsigned,
with every step forward, we have fallen twice as many steps behind.
Today, I am filled with such voracious rage
that brings to mind images of the slaves that built these cities, only to be caged.

Speeches made by remarkable men like Malcolm X and Dr. King
have only been forgotten as the oppressed are still suffering.
I, too, have a dream that one day we will be judged by the content of our character
and not by the colour of our skin;
loved for what is within, and not just based on melanin.

This vicious cycle seems to have no end in sight,
only resulting in unanswered prayers and sleepless, tear-filled nights.
Is it any wonder why the people are angry and afraid,
desperate to take the law into their own hands for promises of reparations that were never paid?

Is there any question as to why protests erupt into full blown riots,
once reality sets in, it is impossible to remain quiet.
This American dream has proven to be a nightmare,
for the land of the free still refuses to play fair.

Laws are made then disobeyed whilst all the rules continue to be broken,
this flawed justice system was designed to keep us enslaved,
ensuring that the truth remains unspoken.
I, for one, will not be silenced until humanity is saved,
as I fight for innocent souls buried prematurely in unmarked graves.

I will not rest until there is only one human race,
instead of the trauma that comes with feeling alienated or displaced.
Education and acceptance are the only keys that can unlock these
hate filled gates of oppression, united we will stand again,
once we choose love and atone for our transgressions.
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I hate my mirror, who shows the reality with no mercy.
Realizing that I was raised to live with lies, and not the deeper reality.
... continued
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Light, the kind that brings the faintest glimmer of hope,
appeared suddenly through a darkened wood;
like an oasis after travelling through the Sahara so parched
... continued
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Tears fill my eyes, pain fills my heart.
Your words, thrown at me like flaming darts.
I can't be here, you say to me.
... continued
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The fat pig woman eats her pasta naked on the sidewalk with a jug of kool-aid...
Cops are masturbating on donuts while murder is at your back door...
... continued
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Deep in the depths of the soul,
There lies
a hideous creature with red painted eyes.
... continued
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