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The scent of fear reaches. through baskets of mornings, pages of years.
Like the cane, in a shameful act.
reaching from the curtain, as majority rules.
... continued
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Just sketch
Leave It
... continued
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Entire universe isthe reflection of God
I am the just smallest particle my Lord
I fully understand that the life is so hard
... continued
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We found you one day, in that corner.
The corner where we wrote our names.
Remember it was at that old house we found in the woods.
That was our place, we have been gong there since we were young.
We never told anyone about that place, nor a thing about the corner.
That was the corner we would go when we would run from home.
I remember I found you there asleep like always.
You were in that corner, under our names.
You kept yelling my name, and then I saw a tear run down your face.
After seeing you I just turned and ran away.
I tripped on my way out and I guess that’s what woke you up.
After I got to my feet I could hear you running.
I know you were running after me, I heard you yelling my name.
But I didn’t care, I just wanted to get away from there and you.
I looked back not hearing you anymore, you fell.
That was the last time I seen you, and you saw me.
But now I have to sit here thinking how could this be?
Why could it not be me? Why did you of all people have to go?
When you left, a part of me left with you.
You went missing after that, took us a few weeks to find you.
But when we found you, you were in that corner with a note.
The note said how much you were sorry, and why you had to take your own life.
You said how much you loved me and couldn’t be without me.
But now I’m here at your funeral thinking I will be with you in less than a week.
Because you can’t live without me, and I can’t live without you.

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Happiness will arrive We all have the choice to be happy
Or let whatever hurts us take over
Happiness has so much power
... continued
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Present past and future
Play the game of life

... continued
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If only you knew

If only you knew how I feel about u underneath
... continued
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The new problem
Comes with every new vehicle
Every day
... continued
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