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Enticingly an irresistible welcoming iconic symbol of comfort beckons... "Come... mellow..."
Melt into this havens warm secure embrace... soft seducing touch exceeds a mere hello
Ooohhh sooo nice... relieving many aches wearing the body ...

by Hubbs

added by Hubbs
1 month ago

The Jaded Helm

This God that some idolize, did he introduce good and evil for there to be a balance?
Could it be simply to keep Lucifer occupied whilst he takes an extremely long leave of absence?
Maybe to have this devilish presence provides him with a nemesis ...

by Hubbs

added by Hubbs
1 year ago

Private eye tv

In the square
Sat tall lights
Tell a vision
Revealing stars
Or bits only circles
On a soap box set
To advert eyes
Thru a series of programs
Turn off minds to be busy
With remote place in hand
Crossing channel for crime
Peel the files away

by Hubbs

added by Hubbs
1 year ago

Inner sole

Tongues wagging but without noise
Even its throat produces not a voice
Always a foot in its mouth see it come undone
However likes to control how things are run
Sounds as though it would see you off
Yet at tracks the rough too become soft

by Hubbs

added by Hubbs
1 year ago

Been stalked

Is fe fi for ratio so golden won?
Or thief find foe's golden ration of a giant one
Which cooked his goose for taking goods he gander
Now he goad and harp on about a victim, and slander
He says by chance an opportunity happened on his walk
Is the t...

by Hubbs

added by Hubbs
1 year ago

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