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I try to write how i feel and it comes out as breathing.

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Do you ever feel inadequate? Like your in the ocean In the middle of it You can see other people swimming there, too but they're having fun And to them, you're another screaming voice, you're no one They pretend not to hear, they pretend it's...

by Maria

added by Mariatheanonymouslatino
3 years ago

S p I r a l

Sometimes I sit think And I end up in a spiral of things Is this world one where we should love? Where the murderers lurk, and you don't know who's above? Love is a hormone, so why is it still here? I've grown out of these things, that I used to ...

by Maria Anderson

added by Mariatheanonymouslatino
3 years ago


Sometimes I lie. I'm a good storyteller, though I know not why We live to tell our stories, and we tell them through fake eyes a pen in math, trying to fix wounds with glue, a lie is all of these things, and sometimes it becomes true. It can spin...

by Maria Anderson

added by Mariatheanonymouslatino
3 years ago

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