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Raised by old fashion beliefs, grew up on red clay and played in red dirt. An old soul lost in a modern era. Enjoys the Symphony of Combat over the Chaos of Society. Has a wild spirit, don't much care for most laws or rules. I have lived a very nomadic life. I have lived in Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, England, Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti and Kenya. Possesses eyes of mystery, a devilish grin, a silver tongue, and an embrace of protection.

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Love ever Primal

She lays naked on the bed,
Anticipation grows through every cell,
As she watches him,
He moves confidently towards her.

Animalistic in his approach,
With a smooth ferocity,
he crawls up, and onto the bed,
Like a jungle cat,
Eyes locked on...

by Carlyle E. Vice

added 1 month ago
Behind Closed Eyes

Behind closed eyes,
Time stands still,

  And reality,
Transforms into Millions,
Of fragmented shards.
Each embedded with worlds,
Waiting to be plucked,
Into existence,
As new truths unfold.
Imprinting on the souls,
Of those...

by Carlyle E. Vice

added 2 months ago
America, America

America, America
What happen to the,
I left this land,
To touch down,
Upon foreign sands.
Becoming a man,
Through the trials of combat.
Willing to give my life,
For the revenge of a nation,
And to stand,
In front of the innocent,
Lost in...

by Carlyle E. Vice

added 3 months ago
Sacred Rose

Remember the embrace of a dream,
Breath quivering,
The whisper of love,
Screams within the soul.
Like wild animals,
Blood boils quick.

Ocean symphony lingers beneath,
The brilliant shine,
Of a thousand diamond sky.
Warm vision of beauty,

by Carlyle Vice

added 3 months ago

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I chose this poem because he articulated the pain well enough that the reader could feel it

2 months ago


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