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Amber Dim~Brightness the Wise

 Keep good Noites
KNight's Codes of Ethics
For Path centering

Priorities of Zen
Practical to save
Help or 'Being There'
At Just the Right thyme

Staying Centered
Like a Dänçer
Sitting in Tomorrow
With a Hoop
And a...

by Suzi Lilith B

added 1 month ago
Blackflame. .. Renaissance Faire

***BlackFlame. Renaissance Faire

The Phoenix
Of Dharma-Dévotion
The Dailies Program
My ÇiProga---Art..Writing
And dinner . Love Devotion
And Dinner.. remember
To remember
Lalena..Sweet Loraine Potash..

Especial Events.. Neopets

by Suzi Lilith B

added 2 months ago
Tao6:: Compleat-ness::Zen

The Valley Spirit Endures
The Mystery, Incense
Curling into Mesquite patterns
Or the Indian Musk.
The Spirit is She

The Mystery
The Doors, la Puerta
Dela Mujer, the Lady
Is the Root
Of Earth and Heaven

Forever Endures
Forever is a...

by Suzib.53754

added 2 months ago

Non"-com-petitive" com0leation...
To Work to Bee
In Balance
A kind of Equity.

I Watch
My Energy
What attracts What.
Or Neutral Zone to
Freely Navigate

  The "Mover" (The "Hero, Heroines")

The focus Practice
Of Mind

by suzib.53754

added 2 months ago
The Symbol of the Turtle...

The Symbol of the Turtle

 is Maçedonia...
Maçedame'ian ...Hazelnut
The legumbres, fruits...noix..

Nút, Nuit, is the KNight
The KNight of Egypt
Darke as Nubia
Light as the Coin
Called Tao...
(Arabian KNights..a tune)


by Suzi Lilith B

added 2 months ago

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Good Zen Dao ☯️ expri of the Nature of one. When two the 3rd is inherent from the source Trinity whether western or eastern is the unified mystery. To hold to the one solves mystery. Thankhs, great poem of Tao=Dao☯️ 

1 month ago

Kudos to the Mystery of Tao, expressing as Poetic Megalith Both affirm and "deny" the essential ünity, unification of Self elf and Shadow, mirroir of ..myself... word Weaver. Welk put. The Oracle the Sphinx has written and read.☮️☯️ 

1 month ago

S Labyrinth ine loetic journey through yhe mystery of socratic identity..yet yhe mirroir "is ever the same"
Though the image seen May or knot Mae bee As scene.
Perhaps the Hummer bird the Bee the"Ba" hold the balance of Ascension.. Mother Earth..eartH❤️ 

1 month ago

A nice perspective of relationship and the subtle ness of Love...friendship.happy fullmoon.

2 months ago

Nice, clear clean Taoist view of Tao.

The everywhere the moon of Tao

2 months ago

Sylvia my Darke Muse, yet too Darke for Twilight or early slumber. The wit I love in Sylvia's subtle expression s, yet here elusive In the will to be to knot bee, to knot bee again.. veteran of thought veils of private knowings..white rabbit. 

2 months ago

Great poetic embrace of the Darke Light. Every Culture's sacred legacy declares a Balance..a Truce..Resolvolution of contrasts realizing there are more than 2 Polar views the 3rd Eye view balances back to a Ünity.
Tao Mystic:: always carry a flashlight.. (I-fone too includes) Blessed  

2 months ago

Words contain words
Or yes words may heal
Inspire kindness Sweeten "sorrow" and create
miracles. Blessed

2 months ago

The Mystery
The haunting thyme space sense Of a twin, twen flame
The Magic zMirroir of Reality

2 months ago

All the Stars
I've Ever loved

In music And practicality Haunting lovingly In scents And clouds Of Destiny
The Star Path of Actuality.☯️☕

2 months ago

and blessings, have a day....much blessed

2 months ago

A kind note, well-writ And the sub blessing of Heart and Mind.

2 months ago

A style I like Rather Goth The pathway of Victoria. .❤️☯️

2 months ago

Well done, worthy
Of a re-read already, layered
In knowing and 'cise soul Grammar (aton) and Num-a-nous Nouns. The Muse does braid well Cthonic Persephone, yes "the Path reveals The Circular Knowledge" . Tao Mystic appreciation of a Flower a colour to hold to... Happy st Patty's  

2 months ago

The memory haunts In moonlight and Darke rooms with covered Mirroirs..
The Howl echoes till barely heard.

Yet impressed an ancient ear Once wais One. We ..

2 months ago


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