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Gd forgive me

God forgive me

its time I make those who doubted me, pay a price.
will i be here for you tomorrow or will I

 return gold and turn up the heat?

Did you really think I could break the chains.
I threw your doubt into the flames.

by Sholnyshko

added by Sholnyshko42
4 days ago

Ghost in the home

in the Home

Can you see yourself, Breaking at every corner through your bones?
Have you heard? The way you talk to me, you should have known.
That I would find a way to own my own.
There's a Ghost in the home.
silent as the words you...

by Sholnyshko

added by Sholnyshko42
7 days ago

Throwing stones in glass houses

Throwing Stones in glass houses.

 Take your time ill be here to watch you unwind. Closed in, In crooked smiles and semi justified lies. I cant wait to be there to watch your world consumed.
Use me for the small parts you cant condone. Ill be...

by Sholnyshko

added by Sholnyshko42
9 days ago

ive seen through this

Ive seen though this.

Ive seen through who you you are. Ive seen the devil in dastard eyes.
knowing god never had a place. he was not part of you.
now its time to reclaim my place so I can find god.

Darling don't cover your ears or shut...

by Sholnyshko

added by Sholnyshko42
11 days ago

Will you wait me out

Will you wait this out.

There is an ocean.
i am at the bottom.
im waiting for you to tell me to stay away.
But your to afraid.
So i hide behind the smile on that face.
in coves of pain and dismay.

will I wake me up.
or will i...

by Sholnyshko

added by Sholnyshko42
11 days ago

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This sounds like accession to the Perly gates!!

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I dont think we can unless you use the

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