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I don't write much only when a certain thought about a story comes to mind in the middle of night, my job is to write it as fast as humanly possible before I forget.

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I lived not knowing that deep depression was her rotten curse she was sitting in the back of the classroom looking kinda hurt planned it all out in my head to talk to her but nope not a blurt if you want real savings then go find a church night ca...

by AcudRapper117

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3 years ago

Her Purest Form

She was like a rubex cube as he solved one part of her she would bury herself as though she didn't want to be discovered until finally he had unlocked what she had been hiding underneath it all he looked at her as she laid on the bed and reve...

by AcudRapper117

added by AcudRapper117
3 years ago

Wishing for the same dream

The worst thing about having depression for so long is that I've come to like it, that at times that I want to reminisce in the sadness that kills me... that leaves me feeling buried beneath the earth gasping for the little air I have left. C...

by AcudRapper117

added by AcudRapper117
3 years ago

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