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Asian-American female living in New York. Growing up as a second-generation of immigrant parents was always a struggle for her. Mental health has also always played a big part in her life. She enjoys writing poetry whenever she is feeling down, for it seems to fill her life with meaning. Poetry helps her to realize and feel, which is what she would like to do for others with her poetry.

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Why Choose to Die When You Can Fly

Why choose to die when you can fly?
Little bird, try and spread your wings across the sky.

Because after you’ve tried and there’s no one to guide,
you’re left with sorrow that carries to tomorrow.
You no longer desire to even go higher

by Cristina Kim

added 1 year ago
On Valentine's Day

Promise me no presents
No gifts, no surprises.
Instead, gift me your presence
All gentle, all sincere.

This day is just an excuse,
A day that can confuse.
It’s not the expensive booze
Or the high-quality hotel city views.
It’s you that I...

by Cristina Kim

added 7 months ago
What We Humans Do

We were given eyes
Yet we still cannot see
The immeasurable treasures we hide within,
The heavy blankets of thorns we cover ourselves with,
The toxicity we keep stored in a corner of our souls.
For life already is too strict and cruel

by Cristina Kim

added 10 months ago

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I was drenched in emotion while reading this poem. Every stanza held so much meaning, with all the depicted sentiments of grief and heartache. The poem also seemed to flow well, and so the emotions I felt while reading the poem were very little disrupted. Beautiful poem, capturing the essence of such a sorrowful happening. 

7 months ago

I apologize for misreading your comment. That does seem strange but anyhow, your poem submission is listed now. Maybe it was a lag?

7 months ago

This can happen because the page is not updated immediately. They seem to confirm your poem submission later on. I was very startled at first too. Your poem seems to be up now, if you have not noticed. So, no worries and good luck! :) 

7 months ago

Delightfully written poem! Story-telling through poetry sure is a charm, and this poem drew me in, and even strangely comforted me, like a warm cup of milk to a long hard day. I was locked onto the poem to the very end, and the ending of the poem was the personally the best part for me :) 

9 months ago

This is such a powerful poem that it even gave me the chills. It perfectly expresses the seriousness that should be felt by more people of society, concerning this matter. Great poem with an immense message!

10 months ago

This poem was dearly touching, and I am so sorry to hear what ended up happening. I have been through a similar situation while volunteering at an animal shelter, and this poem beautifully portrayed the scenario and the many emotions contained. I truly wish this poem could be read by many others. 

10 months ago

This poem touched me even more because of the current issues that are ongoing related to abortion. A sense of sadness but reflective. Subtle but poignant.

1 year ago


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