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My name is Max Borland. I have suffered from severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder for the better part of 10 years. Well, actually my whole life. I have an amazing story littered with trial and redemption, from being homeless in a park, starving in the wilderness, going through OCD rehab with a celebtrity, and following my dream to beat OCD and become worldwide-success DJ Climax and share my love for music and comedy through my own funny music videos and content. I wanted to make a movie of my success when I made it called Good Crazy, rewrite the field of psychology through theory and influence, and I had it all laid out. I made progress, and a year ago, I fell in love. I had a mental breakthrough, and was a day away from beating my OCD and living in heaven forever, accomplishing my dreams, and beating my OCD for the girl I loved. Her name was Grace, and I would've remixed Amazing Grace, believed in God, and shared the most amazing love story the world has ever known. Good Crazy would've been a beautiful mind-esque story of healing, with all the comedy, charm, and thrill of a Martin Scorsese film like The Wolf of Wall Street. Then, a trigger broke my brain, I lost the love of my life, and I am currently incapacitated. Climax was a brand of unshakable self-belief, hope, and comedy, all in spite of the world's greatest known doubting disease. Currently, Climax is dead. All that's left is a collection of grief-stricken poems written by a man struggling to survive. Maybe it's somewhere. I don't think another beginning exists, but maybe this is it.

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Destiny Denied

I died inside
Before I even cried
The pain it took
To rewrite my book
Will never subside
While it walks away with my bride
And the devil, stride for stride
Can't even remember my pride
The universe promised, and lied
And no matter how hard...

by Climax

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5 months ago

The Unmusical Chair

A poem a day keeps the doctor away,
But what if neither poetry nor medicine can heal this dismay?
The seat that I sit in is locked in its ways,
And no musical chair can get it to play.

The tides of the ocean may continue to sway,
And the...

by Climax

added by Climax
5 months ago

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