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Why I Cry

I wake up warm in a nice soft bed,
With a solid shelter above my head.
My pantry is stocked with all that I need.
I have water to drink and books to read.

I can walk freely in air that is pure,
Breathing in deeply as I watch the deer.

by Janet Muirhead Hill

added 1 year ago
Still Living

Sometimes as I look at the world, I think,
“It’s a good thing that I’m on the brink.”

At eighty years old, I’ve not long to go.
Will I outlast democracy? I really don’t know.

And then I look at what I have left to do,
Books I have...

by Janet Muirhead Hill

added 1 year ago
I Want to be a Bird

When I come back in my next life
I want to be a bird.

I’ll be free from political strife,
And my ways won’t seem absurd.

I’ll soar and sing and play all day
Riding the currents of air

I’ll see the world in a different way
And will say...

by Janet Muirhead Hill

added 2 months ago
Of Joyce Kilmer and War

Whenever he went to Suffern along the Erie track,
he saw a poor old farmhouse, crumbling, broken, and black.
It touched his deep compassion to see it falling apart,
so, he wrote a poem about it, revealing his tender heart.

He was a man of...

by Janet Muirhead Hill

added 3 months ago
The Steadfast March of Time

The saddest thing about Time, I think,
is how it marches on.
All steady, it doesn’t miss a beat;
each moment to the next is gone.

Time’s stalwart march keeps changing things.
Constant, it leaves nothing alone.
Fast or slow, but reliably,

by Janet Muirhead Hill

added 4 months ago

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Oh thank you! I'm so glad to hear that you listened to Miranda and Starlight. The narrator is my late sister, and I agree, she did a wonderful job.

26 days ago

Thank you!

1 month ago

I like the rhyme and meter of this poem. I like the light-hearted message that I can readily relate to. Don't we all as poets sometimes want an audience for our uniquely penned thoughts?

1 month ago

Every kind thing you've said about my poems, goes double for yours. I remember some of them from the contests, and in time I will read them all or reread them. Your poetry is poignant and touches my heart. 

2 months ago

Thank you again, for your kind words.

2 months ago

Thank you for your kind words about my poetry.

2 months ago

Oh, of course. Thank you so much. I really love your poem and all its innuendos. It speaks what I feel on all levels.

2 months ago

Your poem, Gay NegroGremlins dancing between the pages won my vote in the June contest. I'm glad to see that at least you were a runner-up. There is just one line that I didn't get. Would you explain what the line "If Mary was born two years after Ray" is referring to? Thanks. Janet Muirhead Hill 

2 months ago

This poem touches me deeply, giving voice to my horror at the persistent, insidious, and astonishingly overt efforts to deprive America's youth of honest and crucial facts on so many fronts.

2 months ago

Yes. It's why so few of us ever tell. Those who do are shamed and ostracized. Your poem captured it well.

5 months ago

I chose this poem because it is the truth for far too many of us, and most will never tell.

5 months ago

I like the rhyme and cadence, and it is so sweet. and so relatable to me as a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who has watched and is watching many beloved children learn and grow into their individual selves. 

9 months ago

Thank you so much for your kind words. Hurry Cane was fun to write and I'm so glad to hear you like it.

10 months ago

I love it when the poem I voted for comes in first. I like The Witch of Aberdeen so much that I've memorized it. Thank you for sharing it.

11 months ago

It was not an easy decision. Many of the poems spoke to me deeply, evoking various emotions. I cannot describe exactly the feeling this poem, The Witch of Aberdeen, gave me, but I find it haunting as if it touches some ancient melancholy chord. That and the lyrical rhyme and rhythm made it my first choice. 

11 months ago


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