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Flesh and Bone

Created by a dreamer’s dream
Conceived before the concept of time
Blessed by what made me
I am eternal, divine

Ego hate, love faith
Light shadow, gratitude grace
Opposing positions of the human condition
Permeating the innocent mind from...

by Lisa Campbell

added by lisacampbell29
19 hours ago

Broken Fences

If you’re lucky life is long
Time to learn and grow
Make mistakes
Right some wrongs

First loves, last words spoken
And all the in between
That’s what makes us or breaks us
Until what is left is shadows and memories

It's like digging...

by Lisa Campbell

added by lisacampbell29
27 days ago

Just Another J... D..

Give it back
The phone is mine
No, I bought it
It’s in my name
You are grounded
No friends, no tv, no phone no games

You are 15, still a child
I won’t have you sending nude pictures
Writing filth and running wild
Young lady you have got...

by Lisa Campbell

added by lisacampbell29
2 months ago

To The Dirt

For 55 years it’s been you and me
We created a beautiful life
And three children that are loved beyond words
So blessed and happy

Now you sit and stare out the window
Family photos kept on your lap
Time is lost and doesn’t matter
Past and...

by Lisa Campbell

added by lisacampbell29
3 months ago


I wallow in the muddy bog of despair
I weep beneath the willow
My thoughts twisting like a river that bends over itself
Again and again

The sky turns gray
The heavens unleash the dogs of hell
I am soaked to the bone
And deep in the throes

by Lisa Campbell

added by lisacampbell29
3 months ago

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Thank you! I enjoyed the process for writing this poem. It was fun creating this character.

6 days ago

I have given my fur baby many “nick-names” that I call her daily!

8 days ago

Thank you! I liked writing this poem. I wasn't sure how it would come across. Poetry is so personal and subject to interpretation of course. Really glad you like it!

8 days ago

Thank you very much. I am so glad you like it!

8 days ago

I enjoyed reading your poem Desert Rose. I like how you used a rose and the desert to compare and contrast the strength and insecurities of the human experience.

8 days ago

I like your poem. Deep and thought provoking.

26 days ago

An ode to your brother...I like this poem.

1 month ago

I enjoyed reading your poem.

1 month ago

Thank you for your comments. It was the first time I created a character like that and then put it into a poem. I enjoyed writing this one. Thanks again! Take care, Lisa.

1 month ago

You are always so very kind!! Thank you. I am working on a few poems. Hope to be done soon. Take care, Lisa.

2 months ago

I really like your poem. Thanks so much for sharing it!

2 months ago

Thank you so very much! Lisa

2 months ago

A good reminder to appreciate life.

2 months ago

Very thought provoking!

2 months ago

I ove your reflection of your life and your wife!

3 months ago


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