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I am Christian author in my early 20’s. I write other genres, but the majority of what has to do with the Gospel.

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The False Gospel

Preach me, happy preacher; put a tingle in my ear.
Preach me, happy preacher, the only things I want to hear.

Preach me, happy preacher; I promise to pay my tithes.
Preach me, happy preacher; tell me sweet little lies.

Preach me, happy...

by BrotherJacob

added by BrotherJacob
25 days ago

If God gives Warning

We read about the prophets of old,
how the words God gave them began to unfold.

We read how they warned people, but some didn't take heed.
Instead, they rebelled more with their hearts full of greed.

They persecuted the prophets and called...

by BrotherJacob

added by BrotherJacob
25 days ago


You say, “what exactly is woke?”
I’ll tell you the truth, this ain’t no joke.

It’s one side thinking, they’re always right,
and if you disagree, they’ll wanna fight.

It’s being harassed because of your views;
It’s being called, “deplorable”...

by BrotherJacob

added by BrotherJacob
2 months ago

On Gun Control

I do not have a heart of stone.
Massacres and school shootings
I don’t condone.

Seeing children murdered
breaks my heart.
It tears my world apart.

I have cousins close to their age.
Knowing someone one
would do this does give me...

by BrotherJacob

added by BrotherJacob
2 months ago

Assault Weapons

An assault weapon can be more than just a gun.
A baseball bat can be used for other purposes,
besides hitting a home run.

You can run people over with your car
You can get into fistfights,
when you’re drunk at the bar.

An assault weapon...

by Brother Jacob

added by BrotherJacob
2 months ago

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