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In The Desert

Beneath the scorching sun,

From an ocean of sand,

You appeared,

Your dark tresses overshadowing,

Shaming the day into night,

Your piercing eyes subduing the stars,

As they lay softly at your feet,

You beckon to ecstasy,

by cwolff

added by cwolff
1 year ago

In Quiet Night

Stolen moments in moonlit sanctuary,

In Artemis's temple love is sacrificed,

Broken but standing statue in glory laureled,

Like us,

Silent witness to our love's woven tale,

Your eyes reveal an ocean of pain,

Let me drown in...

by cwolff

added by cwolff
1 year ago

I Am A Woman

A violet among the roses,

I am told,

In shaded green,

A heart that beats,

Tears that fall,

Can you not see,


You hear only one word from my lips,

One that makes you want to dismantle me,

You say,


by cwolff

added by cwolff
1 year ago

Flower Seller

Why have you paled like your roses in summer pitch,
Why have you fallen like your lilies in autumn frost,
Am I not your friend,
Can you not spear my willing heart with your troubles,
I am here,
For you,
Trembling lips tell of you...

by cwolff

added by cwolff
1 year ago

First Love

Shy eyes soft and pleading,

Unaware you are of my love for you,

Grace me with your sweet voice,

To calm my trembling heart,

Grace me with your touch,

To ease my aching torment,

My days are shadowed with nightly thoughts,


by cwolff

added by cwolff
1 year ago

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