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In the deep dark mind
Lies a billion secrets to find
Spinning like the galaxies
Far out of reach from reality
Twisted and confused
So lost; so used; abused
Thoughts sent racing
Reaching in the darkness chasing
Stability; Sanity
But all you find is...

by Sherrie Ann Benedict

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27 days ago


Hey World, do I have a message for you
I've been getting beat down by humanity since the early age of two
I've seen things that have rarely been witnessed by man
I lived through a pain 90 percent of you will never understand
So I'm gonna tell you ...

by Sherrie Ann Benedict

added by sherriebenedict1982
1 month ago

His Final Call

World, our kids are starving
Many with no place to sleep
Millions with no families, left orphaned
Cold, hopeless; Alone on the street

by Sherrie Ann Benedict

added by sherriebenedict1982
1 month ago

Dear Future:

Dear Future:
Are you there?
If you answered no,
Would the world even care?
If you told that addict
That their end was very close
Would they put that needle down?
Or will they still die tomorrow of an overdose?
If you showed that parent their chil...

by Sherrie Ann Benedict

added by sherriebenedict1982
1 month ago

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"I was able to fully understand your message in this poem! I struggle with mental illness daily that makes me shut the world out. Sometimes our mind feels safest that way!" Keep writing please. I really enjoyed reading this. You're an amazing person 

1 month ago

This was very touching and beautifully written. The message is amazing. Keep writing! Looking forward to reading more:)

1 month ago

Love this! I also suffered 2 miscarriages in 2020. Due to viruses :( You're strength to keep going captured my heart and attention. Keep writing!! You're amazing!

1 month ago

It's beautifully written. Can't wait to read more :) Thanks for sharing with world :) It's 100% truth

1 month ago

I'm looking forward to yours and many others as well. I'm happy to be back in my happy place :) With all my favorite kinds of people

1 month ago

I too used to be in here in 2011 on til just seemed to vanish :( So I'm excited as well& hoping to see some old stuff as well and I've gotten much much better in my art :)

1 month ago


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