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Im fairly new at poetry but I'm getting better with each poem. I don't have a specific type, please don't judge, i know they can suck.

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You are Love,
Love is you,
Generous to all,
kind to all
Thinking of others before yourself
you are a miracle,
A miracle sent from above
sent to help us sent to guide us
sent to love us through our pain
you were called back
leaving us with memories...

by Alexandria Brinker

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2 months ago

I say

You say I need a man,
You say I clean,
You say I cook,
Well, I'm done,
I say I'm fine single,
I say I'll clean when I want,
I say I'll cook when i want.

I say I'm an independent woman,
I say I'm a giving woman,
I say I'm gonna do what I want.

by Alexandria Brinker

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2 months ago

Why do we act?

Why do we act?
For the Money?
For the audience?
To entertain?
To impress?
To sculpt ourselves?
To appear?
To disappear?
To be?
Or not be?
For expirence?
To express?
To tell a story?
To hide?
To rebel?
To inspire?
To Understand ourselves?

by Alexandria Brinker

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3 months ago


Red, Blue, Pink, Green
Round, Long, Large, Small
Capsules, Solids
All to make me "Normal"
Anti-Depressants, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-OCD, Anti-PTSD
Vitamins, Vitamins, and Vitamins
They think they work, but no, they don't
It's an act I put on,...

by Alexandria Brinker

added by NewPoet101
3 months ago

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Im sure your going to be giving us advice too!

2 months ago

Sorry for the name repetitiveness, it told me it wouldn't post because there was another poem under that name so i tried it again, but it posted both?

2 months ago

Please don't be afraid to comment.

3 months ago


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