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Russian scholar by way of Boston University, current DC boy by way of New England, baby!

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To Have Not

Days go by...sunny, warm days.
But I'm cold inside, wanting to see you.
I want to understand what changed.
Without that, I'm stuck in cold, damp rains.
\How can you turn on me so fast?
Why can't I make a moment last?
You are in my head all

by Monal Patel

added by monal
4 months ago

To Have

The day you left me,
it was like a mystery.
You never let me in.
Your heart I could never win.
\You did me wrong,
how can I be strong?
You took something out of me,
and I am trying to forget your touch...
\The time we spent remains in

by Monal Patel

added by monal
4 months ago

An Accident In Paradise

Desire creeps past,
tumultuous, uninhibited desire,
that which seeps into the skin
corroding the very soul.
It creeps past the unrelenting darkness,
marred by a seething compulsion,
to scathe an innocent bystander.
Innocence creeps

by Monal M Patel

added by monal
4 months ago


Perplexed sitting
Beneath sunlight
In the early morning
Shades on, hiding
My eyes which tell
The story of an addict.
Dazed wondering
The purpose of my actions
Hindered blazing
My path before me.
Erasing a future yet
To come
Only for a

by Monal M Patel

added by monal
4 months ago


In living,
I have become bleached,
and tainted by a seething existence.
Daily, I creep farther away from who I am,
and what was known to others,
and for others
as me.
Thought by thought I progress-
to a new understanding of self and

by Monal M Patel

added by monal
4 months ago

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, wait i need to re evaluate my previous comment and adulation. this is actually not good. you need to add " i am uneducated" to your verses, b/c you make an elementary grammatical error when you used an "a" before a vowel. this is quite jarring to me, and hard to get past. and the national anthem does not need to be re-written. period. end. of. story. 

1 month ago

awww, i feel ya pain. loss of love, hurts like no other

5 months ago

Brava! omg....ungodliness !! i'm livin:)

5 months ago


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