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Carol Davidson is a southern Christian woman, now retired and living in the mountains of Northeast Alabama. Carol's life experience includes infertility, disappointment, marriage to an addict and adulterer, abuse and divorce, blessing and loss, desperation and salvation. A woman alone in the world except for three sisters, and their familes, Carol embraces life with hope in Christ Jesus, as she approaches 70. She expresses herself in poetry, prose, paint and other various artistic forms. Primarily self taught, except for the sewing skill that she gained as a young girl from her mother, Carol worked in architectural and mechanical design for 40 years. She inherited the 'mechanical gene' from her mother who installed electrical systems in military airplanes in WWII, and showed her four daughters that there was nothing they couldn't do. Still, Carol has learned through life events, that all you can do is all you can do, and the rest is in God's almighty and tender hands.

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How Will You Know

How will you know the first time?
How can you tell the difference?
To a man who's never escaped from Hell
the bottom of the sea would seem Heaven.

So when you escape from your private Hell,
with all of your senses stripped bare,
how will you...

by Carol Davidson

added 5 months ago
Dream For a Friend

Last night I awoke from a dream,
a dream that had seemed so real,
that I believed the Lord had come
and taken me to heaven.
I walked the streets of a glorious place
and gazed upon the sweetest face.
The light of love shown all around,
and my...

by Carol Davidson

added 5 months ago
The Beauty That You Do

Oh, that I could paint
the beauty that You do,
in subtle shades of yellow,
pink, lavender and blue.

Glittering silver diamonds dance
upon the rippling mirror,
while shining golden lances
divide reflected billows.

From horizons, distant,

by Carol Davidson

added 5 months ago
Leading Man

He walked to center stage,
all lights, all eyes on him,
and from that moment,
he determined the direction
that everything would go.
His character was boundless
yet focused,
his performance sweeping
yet intimate,
forceful and compelling,

by Carol Davidson

added 5 months ago
The Bridge

Yesterday as I crossed the bridge
on my way to where I had to be,
it flashed across my mind for an instant
just how easy it would be

to let the car go where it would,
through the rail and into the water,
and suddenly I knew just why he did...

by Carol Davidson

added 5 months ago

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Thank you. Spiritual discernment is a gift from God, and many people don't have it. I must give credit where credit is due. Although the words are mine, the concept of that line is biblical. In John 3:12, Jesus was being questioned by a Pharisee, a sect known for strict observance of rituals and tradition. He told the man, "If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?" Everything He said was true. 

5 months ago

This poem speaks from my heart, as if I'd written it myself.

5 months ago

This is the first poem I've given five stars. The imagery is beautiful, drawing me into the vision and feeling of a past, though humble, was filled nevertheless with joy and beauty, and leading to a life of hope. It's inspiring and encouraging, lovely. 

5 months ago

I've added a new proverb to my repertoire, "Spread kindness like confetti!" Oh, that we could all do that! Sweet poem.

5 months ago

In all your poems, I see pain from the loss of a child. In this one I read hope, for though the body is buried and the world goes on, the heart of the corpse still beats in Heaven. I pray you keep this hope. We will see them again some day. It does get easier to bear. 

5 months ago

I found "speak.truth" ironic, immediately after receipt of an unexplained one star vote on one of my own poems. Speaking truth is about turning one from self delusion and false peace, not easing your own pain at the expense of others. Although a stick and run, may relieve the war within your own heart, it doesn't heal the one whose heart you stab. Have I misunderstood? 

5 months ago

I'm not sure how the analysis works or where it comes from, but this is about as far from Tetractys as it gets, and there is literally NO rhyme scheme. Not all poems rhyme or conform to rules. Isn't that what free-style means. 

5 months ago


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