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I type this thinking I would rather meet you face to face to ask you something about yourself as well. I am presently contemplating the value of knowing what someone may learn from a few minutes of reading about someone they have never met. Lets stay grounded however; knowing exactly what an individual reads, interprets, and concludes is not information available; unless. With effective writing I believe an author can give 'round' amounts of information for one to read, so please read carefully as a non sequitur follows: I think using logical and reasoned prediction spurring from certain speculative considerations of mine, contain value in preparation for certain social encounters. One favorite scenario is the Supreme Court-like scene of a case that involves our present day civil rights. Presenting factual information, empirical evidences, and the moral ascertainments necessary to prove social justice is best upheld by an ethical code and not a lawful. The spirit of the law in all cases ascertains all parties should act in the best interests of all. Such is my dream to leave this place better than it was when I got here. In this cause I am found learning and teaching others about discovering to our capacity the Mysteries of Life, our purpose(s) here on Earth. Discovery in my Journey is returned to and shared with those entities the Universe connects me with, you. May we meet soon to exchange our unique messages.

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Silence of the Antecedent

If these for walls could talk then these could speak for ways to paint.

  These brush the colors off their sable bristles on to the face.

  Surfaces ice cream to me spumoni is nice three schemes of coloring.

  Brings precisely a stream of eye...

by Reil Exce Rosanjelix

added 1 year ago

-Stalk in umbrella, the empire of cold in glass, a wonder of art and trash, keep in mind olden passed; a new days break
-Filed an internship, the number drawn along within plane, same to you whistlin', onward lines to ventured gain, a do a don't...

by Reil Exce Rosanjelix

added 1 year ago
You name it

Cancel directions, the first of a few
I wondered if now, you would be too
under endowed without it dilute
buy a spoon here's a tune by balloon.

 Slided in blew, the intended caboose leaving
drying sums sue, moisture reused
tie tidal total,...

by Reil Exce Rosanjelix

added 1 year ago
Leive this Space Blankt

Taken for granted is a blessing to send this, shaker to high heavens beneathed. The size shaken to stir is a captivating visual stride made delete. It did technically occupy effectively assigned seating wages, in compounds of cyber estates visual...

by Reil Exce Rosanjelix

added 1 year ago

Thats how you indemnify your own estate,

 Make the bold statement break,

  Any comment, perception, reputate

  Gets seperate and makes you claim.
Mining names and situational behaves

 The key to this; morality,

  Find escape when you...

by Reil Exce Rosanjelix

added 1 year ago

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I love the way this fool uses his biography page as the media for his fists of poetry to come life!!

3 months ago

Likely my earlier comments are more useful and agreeable, knowing that the main idea of what I am pointing out, is if a poet; who are you and I in this case; are to benefit from the advice to speak our minds-then live it. But look to yourself, inward through contemplation, inward speaking to yourself speaking to Deity, and by Journaling into a place where you better feel protected from anyone else's viewing. Check yourself in a few days, hours, months and years correct it and be perfected in poetic messages of significance, and clarity. You'll sort through your own mental delusions and have a captive audience that at the end of the reading, has no reason to question your desire to connect with them by using things or animals which are both inhuman. Know yourself to know others, not the other way around. Anyone know what their dog is thinking aside from feed me, pet me, play with me, nap time, and I need to potty? 

4 months ago

Its odd to me that this poet is offending not to know where the poet is. Every line he reveals another perspective where he is envisioning himself or another being; simply being in the imagined state, or listening to something specific. I think I disagree that any of these figures of example works on the surface to demonstrate the location of a poet. OK lets consider he is so practiced in his philosophical roll playing and does in fact want this work to serve a purpose of value by inspiring others to ponder there own equivalence to the set stages he windows open in front of himself in front of us. So as to subconsciously place the realization we are found everywhere (said missing poet(s)), in fact here I am. You know it just dawned on me I was already a poet and likely would have done more good explaining the wisdom of one humans considerations to others so they stop getting so hung up on the literal impossibility of existing in any of those places or that if you could that it would be the recipe for ascertainment of the designation; poet. I feel better now. 

5 months ago

Words are the transfer of information, correspondence to the alive,
Use them without fear and define your right speak to arrive,

If angers boiling blood hot head clenched fists gnashing teeth
mad defeated leave a message repeat it written confession speak

hold yourself accountable to say what you feel what you really think,
take the time to listen to every word your given even grief,

Guard yourself from the same mistake you see others do to your take,
Stay the course to get what is given and give your addition the break

harsh words are just the right kind when the person deserves your fine
never pour sugar over tell it like it is , the truth is what it is and Devine.

I expect the same in return so get a name and do the work to earn
the way to frame of mind that keeps the dream alive is try fail learn

But try again and make sure the yearning instead leads you to see believe
if you put truth first and assemble an accurate message on your sleeve

Who gives a phuck what anyone thinks of the language you rightfully speak
Better to hear insults and critics than not have the freedom of speech.

I agree a person should take great care to choose their words of the wise,
I dont think that lies and gossip deceptive enterprise advertisements survive

In other words collective agreement assures detected decievers relieved
removed and rehabilitated, improves the field of our stated beliefs recieved

Its just that I feel as strongly as you do to protect feelings with words,
we just go about it in a different way both have a place we have heard.

Riel Exce Rosanjelix

5 months ago

Your a well trained eye and saw right thru to the core. So many comments but yours rings true. There were questions but no one seemed to know the truth. But you do.

6 months ago

Mr. Karl C. Folkes, I'm curious why you don't enter your work. Although I'd love the opportunity to argue a few of your beliefs into a provable perspective, I will concede your mastery of the science of poetry is undoubtable. Have you tried clever humor? I just really want to vent about this site and the people who run the contest, it's a sham at best and degrades this art we were born with. 

10 months ago

You look so much like a caring empathic. Did you get the picture to save, the one with your poem on the side of the mug?

1 year ago

That's Sew cool; post a pix with the poem showing on the side of the mug. What top runner up were you awarded?

1 year ago

let alone how does anybody know if their choice was better since they didn't take the other road to find out. Sillier to me, is the people who like this idea of other road like it's the one less traveled. For those of us cross country skiers and mountain climbers we know from experience: to hell with making your own tracks! Its f'n hard to go thru powder or up a sand dune...unless there are tracks ahead of you recently packing snow or creating a step in the dune for you to use. Both cases is the difference between moving forward or 2 steps forward 1 step back!! Thanks for your opinion I agree totally,. I've already requested they put lyrics up here instead but none so far. 

1 year ago

Yo brother, I just found the comment that started the whole thing. It was you that said it; noticed the voting thing is rigged. The thing is when your a contestant and only get 1 vote but there will be 3 place winners and 5 runner ups you and I actually got cheated out of 7 other votes. We should be casting a vote per place. The other thing I dont think the rest of them know is this contest really isn't decided by us- the contestants- only. Reread the rules and you'll see the judges get 5 votes to swing it, How many judges? Point is when I brought it to the owners, judges, and techies attention; it was ignored and lied about. One told me we do it this way so the contestants get to choose. But keep in mind we don't, they do. 

1 year ago

I just found your message asking directly about the poem. So it's really just a spontaneous brainstorm, ramble, very diary-esq. Truthful as it was how I was feeling. It's just as it says. It's really just a warm up, a feeler. I have been a lot disturbed from the May contest after comparing and judging and trying to understand how the decisions are made. I study rules for a living so truth logic and being grounded in a sober reality is paramount. I know that's so contrasted to the typical profile of a poet; like rock stars & jazz/blues musicians: A hard past with demonds in our closets issues and drama being delt with by using substances. Haha! Guilty as charged my good man! I've been Journaling, creating lyrics, and poetry since I was 16, I'm 52 in August. Point being is I'm not sure if I trust this site with my finished works. I get the feeling it's not really doing what its saying. I think I will close with this, life has been difficult the last couple years. I'm coasting for a little while longer catching my breath. I do appreciate your inquiry. I wish it was about one of my more publicly presentable ones. With peace in mind. 

1 year ago

I had to think about what you were saying before I drew any conclusions. I think I will take your advice and tread lightly. So what exactly did you mean to say? I'm sorta naive, is it sarcasm or are you really wanting me to explain the work?

Its been a while but I think we met in the open forum a couple of months ago? If I remember correctly, there was a female empath in her title name who was also criticizing people randomly. I thought maybe you knew each other, is she here too? I think to sum myself up I have a genuine desire to want to engage intelligent people who communicate at a high level. I think I need emotional maturity to be prevalent as well. I can take what I dish out nut ultimately tradimg insults and opinionated uncomplements is not at all what I'm here for. Like what the owners confirmed and encouraged me to continue, saying whatever the f I want but just do so professionally and appropriately.

Ok so what brought you to this one really not a poem poem?

Hey a better question is, will you please answer the first question I asked you? What were you trying to say to me with your ego lecture a few months ago?

I hope your enjoying the warm days and lomger hours of light- WJRH

1 year ago

Im a party pooper you'll say but how does this person afford to showcase hundreds of poems? AT KARL: DO YOU OWN STOCK IN THIS SITE?

1 year ago

@acronimousWill you please clarify the nomination thing. It came to me that any body who pays to have their submission entered into that months contest is called a nomination or am I missing the majik here? I still feel it important to get an answer. 

1 year ago

You work for this joint or just guessing a fellow needed directions, encouragement, or one of the many sincere and eloquently spoken compliments you seem to have available for recipients. I have questions lots of them but I can't find the majick word or phrase to get their answers. Self proclaimed owners are kissing babies, shaking diplomtic sparkles on poems of unknown value , answering what seem to be cued questions from the same people, and here I am observing like a Native on horseback overlooking a littered landscape commercial....might be before your time . . . 

1 year ago


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