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I was born to Donald Edmond porter and Emma Lee Bates in Norfolk Virginia! I was raised in Fayetteville nc! I am divorced with 3 kids! I have been playing a violin and writing poetry since 6! I started working at 11 as an apprentice in a barber shop! C and J! I work in construction and I still write and make music! I live in Fayetteville NC still!

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Still awake inside a dream!

Woe to me the sparrow speakes!

 Along with vultures and jackals who creep!

 Still awake yet my life a dream!
Where fair ness calls and sleep I need!

 The voices I hear stop my needs!
Where tyranny reigns and death is to free!

 Inside my room...

by Devon Bates

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1 day ago

To follow your own path!


 Full of choices and outcomes!
Both good ones and bad ones!

 Some times it gives sometimes it takes!
Some call it luck others prefer the term fate!

 One thing I've learned it is sometimes what you make it!

 Your ideas some will like!

by Devon Bates

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19 days ago

I was just trying to sleep!

I was just trying to sleep!

 I get why I do not want any more kids I hate to beef!

 People worry about non scene then get mad when others disagree!

 I'd rather have a warm day at the lake!
With a life more suited for me!

 I had to find some...

by Devon Bates

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20 days ago

At times like this!

Its still late!

 Apart from the worst, death, war, hate, thirst, I still, try!


 I ponder that to!
God is good, or life!
Whichever, suits you!

 A friend stopped by!
The bills still climb!
I have views on poetry!

 Why, didn't that...

by Devon Bates

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29 days ago

The worth of my work!!!!!!

So, many nights!

 Tired, eyes low, no break, in site!

 Yet, that's, how, I strive!
Refusing, always, the short, route!

 Bending, the normals, creating, different perspectives!

 Always, keep, the positive, outlook!
Life, is known, to get,...

by Devon T Bates

added by devon_b
2 months ago

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ty I really appreciate the honesty because I've been struggling with should I always add the commas or let them flow more! 5 stars! I really needed that! Thanks, DevonTBates2022©

2 months ago

ty that was an honor to recieve that compliment I will keep working! God bless!

8 months ago


1 year ago


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