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Our Friend Damyra

Nice and friendly is your personality
You're such a lovely friend to me
You're sweet as can be
When you play with me
There's always something for us to do
Because you're very true
That's why we love you!
You have pretty eyes
That's why we hate to ...

by Maria Clavo

added by SheShe
3 months ago

Naughty In The Grotto

Two little boys in the Grotto getting naughty
Having a very unique party
Attendance in class was very tardy
Caught by Sister with a seed
Misty air was what she sneezed
Thought you missed her smoking that weed
To the office she took you boys
Time f...

by Maria Clavo

added by SheShe
3 months ago

Gun Of A Son

What are you packing?
Is it a gun?
Boy don't be so dumb
Put that thing down
Guns are for clowns
Come spend some time with me
I can show you peace and tranquility
You're almost twenty
Let me show you how life can be
What you see when you're...

by Maria Clavo

added by SheShe
3 months ago

Never Let Your Guard Down

They'll see who's in a panic
Acting like a schitzophrenic
Your fists flying through the air
The threats you make show how little you care
A tape was made with your voice on it
That you can't deny cause it's legit
Only four voices on the tape

by Maria Clavo

added by SheShe
3 months ago

Especially For You

As you lay in your bed
The Angels light will shine over your head

Once your eyes close tonight
I'll blow you a kiss that's out of sight

By the time you ride in the morn
I'll make sure all your troubles are gone

by Maria Clavo

added by SheShe
3 months ago

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