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No title!
A way to run the score, play.
Might we truly be!
While the curtain(s) should close.
Then for damn sure;
Queen(s) even king(s) have stole the upscale show.
Cautious, awaiting the fictatious words of malice (broke stage character wit...

by Crystal Ford-Nelson

added by CrysIsALady82
17 days ago

The Day I Felt My Harlem Feeling(s)!

The quick words of a tongue!
Can often be flipped, even spun to run among.
You say;
A lie, horrid twist for those that lived in untruth with suckled nippling bliss.
Is it a curse?
One may never tell!
For they are so engrossed in another's vi...

by Crystal Ford-Nelson

added by CrysIsALady82
1 month ago


I wrote this poem on February. 14, 2021; another for my husband. It was time to delve back into poetry writing, a lot is flowing through my head. Therefore giving me the chance to clear it. For many reasons, as well this being the first time to br...

by Crystal Ford-Nelson

added by CrysIsALady82
1 month ago

My Husbands Poem!

You are a part of me!
As I am of you!
Rather the day is light or past nine.
Previous events have allowed our bases(s) to shine.
Which bind us as one, no room for other(s) or things to push through.

by Crystal Ford-Nelson

added by CrysIsALady82
1 month ago

Rage In; Mooded Out with Obsessions!

A combustion!
No word(s) or light-weight tales of the upcoming attraction.
Can compare unorganized symptoms of an eruption called;
People tend to reach over and/or beyond their unorthodox cage.

by Crystal Ford-Nelson

added by CrysIsALady82
2 months ago

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same here, things look so different! Which had me on pause about submitting and/or joining forces. So wishing everyone the best of luck with their writing and so forth.

21 days ago

"The Road Not Taken" this poem involves energy, so much more! Which is appreciated, smiled upon. There is an amount of groove to it; should that make sense.

2 months ago


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