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In Heaven

Heaven is where you are
Although it seems far
Here on earth we grieve
Your memories in our hearts will never leave
Now you can walk in the Sand
Holding gods hand
With angels all around you
Not Just a few

by Haley McColley

added by mccolley_h
1 day ago

Coping Skill

I'm using a coping skill
So my emotions wont spill
I feel bad
So very very sad
Alone i am
My feelings are about to cram
So I'm using a coping skill
So I'm just going to chill
And color
I'm not going to suffer
I wont let it happen
I'm not snapping...

by Haley McColley

added by mccolley_h
1 day ago

Winter Snow

As the wind will blow
It continues to snow
Going out
Kids will shout
Snowball fight
What a sight
Snowballs left and right
Getting thrown into the night
Ice skating on the pond nearby
Kids skating by and by
Winter coats, stocking caps, and Scarv...

by Haley McColley

added by mccolley_h
3 days ago

Grieving Mom and Dad

My mom and dad are in heaven with the Lord
This I cannot afford
Without my mom and dad
I am so sad
How am I ever going to survive
I just don't feel as alive
I am so numb
As small as a crumb
My mom understood me so much
She knew about mental illnes...

by Haley McColley

added by mccolley_h
3 months ago

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