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ABOUT DR. THEODORE ARTHUR PINNOCK AUTHOR OF 2% PWD The 40 Laws of Entrepreneur Disability Leadership Disability Earn Economic Power I was born with cerebral palsy in 1962 to a poor Black family in Hartford, Connecticut. In 2021 I am a successful business man residing in the Philippines. How? I learned by trial and error. On August 15, 1985, the airplane touched down in San Diego with me on it. I had no money and no friends. I had a Master’s degree. I went to CSCD, a disability group, where I met Jon Barbri. Jon assisted me in obtaining public assistance and housing. I sold life insurance for a year. Jon ordered me to go to law school. I went to law school but was expelled for being absent. I returned and graduated in 1990. I failed the bar in 1990. I passed the bar in 1991. In 1990, I had an 1 year old child. I looked for a job for a year. No law firm would hire him. I had to start my own firm or remain poor. On August 3, 1991 I started a sole proprietorship without knowing what the hell I was doing and without any expert help. I was sued. I made no money. In 1995 I took a job with a disability group with a second child on the way. I quit my job and borrowed $19,000 from a person using a wheelchair. Three years later, I bought a home and started having tax and state Bar problems. In 2007 I was divorced. In 2009 I owed $300,000 in taxes. In 2010 my home was lost to foreclosure. On September 21, 2012 I was disbarred. In 2011 I started a legal assistant business with my second wife. In 2015 I started a disability corporation. I knew disability hate from a distance in Connecticut, mostly from stares. I was the gifted poor Black boy with cerebral palsy. I was accepted by the Jamaicans as my father was one. I was the smartest Crip in New Britain Memorial Hospital. My friends were smart kids from European and African descendants. In college, I was the president of a student group. My White friends taught me rules applied to the non-rich. Exceptions ap

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Shame On Me

This week I have been drowning in my own Trials and tribulations.
Looking at my own Suffering and persecution.
Feeling Disgraced because I was disbarred and ignored.
Staying in my room this week bathing in my depression.
Shame on

by Dr. T. Pinnock

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6 months ago


As I was listening to one of the motivational YouTube videos, I realized why I felt alone all my entire life. I am part of the 5 percent part of the 17 percent. Five percent of the population is the leaders, owners, and thinkers. Seventeen

by Dr. T. Pinnock

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6 months ago

Kid, Protect Thy King

As I laid in my institutional bed at 11 -pause
my mind exploded with dreams and ideas.

At first, I shared my
dreams and ideas
with my roommate, Richard Burney.

Richard was a Black teenager
with cerebral

by Dr. T. Pinnock

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6 months ago


For Carolyn

by Dr. T. Pinnock

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6 months ago


This world is mixed up like a cup.
Even though war is over we are sober.
We eat like hogs.
We can’t be good.
Oh, this world is mixed

by Dr. T. Pinnock

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6 months ago

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