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"Began to fail mysef bfore i approached dis task;
Sumfin already perfected in beauty, nids no flattetring remark;
An open door way it myt seem;
A hidden keyhole in2 anoda realm;
Changes flip;
No tym 2stp;
Wat progress culd i achieve, wen am ...

by Moses Wungak

added by moseswungak
3 months ago

No new day

"I still feel empty, afta d day struggle;
Afta my fitful labour in courting blessed sleep;
Tis d ailing heart, as a faithful alarm dat kips dis toes burning;
Standing on d edge, aint no siesta ritual 2my damaged soul;
D memory of rest, farthe...

by Moses Wungak

added by moseswungak
3 months ago

The Weeping Man

A gr8 novelty will thus be;
A predicted end 4rm a faulty beginning;
All his layers of setbacks, are d reaps 4rm his sows;
No cross like his wuld evr be aided;
No torment of shame will evr be rivaled;
He looks on in hopeless stance;
"His faith...

by Moses Wungak

added by moseswungak
3 months ago

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