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Paint a picture

Paint a picture (A Poem)

Paint a picture in my mind,
Dancing rainbows, laughing time,
Walking forests in my dreams,
Singing shadows, looking fine.

by Suniil Bhatia

added by Suniil_Bhatia
3 months ago

Black Money

Should I declare all my income
In the Voluntary Scheme?
Is it gonna help me anyways at all!
Is it gonna help the children
Playing naked in the Mall?
Is it gonna help the poor old man
In tatters outside the Movie Hall!
Is it gonna help us all
To ge...

by Sunil Bhatia

added by Suniil_Bhatia
4 years ago

Bedtime stories

Bottomless heart pouring rain,
Flowing like peace,
From the lotus hands
Of the Buddha.

Can I fall asleep
And dream again.

I need your bedtime stories,
Mother it's been years
Since I heard them.

by Sunil Bhatia

added by Suniil_Bhatia
7 years ago

Dream of the monkeys

It was around 7000 B.C.,
In a forest around the
Tropic of cancer, where
Civilization was yet to see dawn,

There lived some monkeys
With collective minds.

by Sunil Bhatia

added by Suniil_Bhatia
7 years ago

Come home

Flying bird, touching skies,
Chasing rainbows, going high,
Taking turns, running sound,
Windy clouds, floating ground.

Flying bird, loving stars,
Healing quiet, all around,
Setting sun, time to sleep,
Day is gone, come home.

by Sunil Bhatia

added by Suniil_Bhatia
7 years ago

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