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I love reading, writting, photography and drawing. On an observer of people.

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Waiting For You♡

When it's my time for heaven
Please dont you cry
We will meet again
So it's never truly goodbye
Know my pain will be healed
I will no longer be Ill
I will always be with you
I promise I will
I'll be waiting in heaven
For you to arrive
But until t...

by Tammy Hanrahan

added by Tammyk
4 months ago


The older we get the faster time flys
You blink and a decade has passed
Sometimes we dont have enough time
Sometimes we have to much time
There is wasted time and time we cant get back
We often wish we had more time
For loved ones who's time ran o...

by Tammy Hanrahan

added by Tammyk
4 months ago

My inner Demons

The voices in my head
They just wont go away
I scream within myself
But I guess there here to stay!

I am screaming to myself
It is more then I can bare
The walls their closing in
HELP! This is my biggest fear.

by Tammy hanrahan

added by Tammyk
4 months ago

The me I once was

I have a darkness within me
I am as empty as the abyss
I am a lost and empty soul
I am sure noone will ever miss
I was once filled with light and love
Full of happiness and laughter
All that is gone from me now
I dont deserve a happy ever after
I ...

by Tammy Hanrahan

added by Tammyk
4 months ago

Angel's and Demons.

The angel's on my shoulder
The demons on my back
Once your half way threw with it
There is no turning back
Who's to say if it's right or wrong
Or even where you'll go,
There may be nothing after this
Noone really knows
There's only so much give

by Tammy Hanrahan

added by Tammyk
4 months ago

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