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Jazz Baby

I hear the music
I drink some gin
the 1920s
are alive again.

Look at this dress
its sequins & beads
come & share a dance
charleston with me!

by Tabitha J. Bryson

added by tabbycat_b
10 days ago

Just Bein' Me

I know I'm a little nutty
and wild beyond compare
I live my life on my own terms
only my opinion matters here.
I never try to fit in
I never need to try & impress
I don't care whether or not you like me
Your opinion of me is completely worthle...

by Tabitha J. Bryson

added by tabbycat_b
10 days ago

The Dance

The scent of love
whispered on the wind
such a gentle warm breeze
I think of you again.
I listen to its melody
drifting softly by
I miss you so much my friend
though I don't know why.
Is it because I really love you
is it because I actually ...

by Tabitha J. Bryson

added by tabbycat_b
10 days ago

Seven Thirty One Twenty One

I don't want to remember the abuse
didn't want to dance with her demons
always feeling lost & alone
searching for something to believe in.
So much pain & sadness
I suffered through in silence
all to protect her, my abuser
I gave my complia...

by Tabitha J. Bryson

added by tabbycat_b
1 month ago

A Real Dream

Sadness finally lost
with happiness gained
while I'm walking around
in the pouring rain.
My fear has left me
it left on it's own
no longer in my mind
does it have a home.
Finally at peace
my past has gone by
no longer in pain
rarely I cry.
Don't k...

by Tabitha J. Bryson

added by tabbycat_b
2 months ago

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