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Currently residing in Covington, LA with my wife Tressa and son Brett. Writing is about investigation and discovery. Writing has changed my life. Poetry is a love language. Poetry is the externalization of an internal seeking…

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The Huntress

She makes love
like a hungry lioness
I adore her shadow
the way it arches
performing upon the wall.

Her black hair flows
age and experience
makes her hunt for a lover
jungle fever in my...

by Ken Carroll

added 1 year ago
Black Hole

We make black hole love
Our bodies and souls
Spinning into infinity
Caught in fathomless gravity

Suspended in the event horizon
Creating the energy between us
And the black holes in your eyes
The space between your...

by Ken Carroll

added 1 year ago

I want to make love
To your soul
Take a sensual journey
Into the unknown

With such love
You’ve ignited
Dreams of ecstasy
Inside of me

I’m feeling inspired
It’s time to make love
Douse the glim
As stars lean...

by Ken Carroll

added 2 years ago
Spooky Action

We are stardust
You are beautiful atoms
put together

We share
spacial proximity
we are entangled

We were destined
to meet regardless
of time or place

We have been
bound together
Since the Big...

by Ken Carroll

added 2 years ago
Three Legged Dog”

As I was walking about
I came across
a three legged dog
he was behind a fence...

He barked as is if to say hello
that he was doing just fine
that he could do everything
a four legged dog could do
he did not view himself

by Ken Carroll

added 2 years ago

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