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From ghetto fabulous to military standards with customs and courtesies. The Path taken in life from the United States of America to far and distant lands has indubitably exposed me bare. The adventure has made the person; the man. Born in Illinois, raised in East St.Louis and Royal Lakes, from there the fam hightailed it to California. Dallied in Inglewood then Bompton or Compton, some do say. Signed my name on the dotted line bring world into full view. I joined the United States Air Force in 1986, fully retired in 2016, 30 years honorable service and of making life do what it does so I can do what I do when I do what I do communicating my thoughts or a few.

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In everyone's life there is struggle and strife
With blind folds on we enter life
Sink or swim is how we are taught
That the best lessons are those lessons bought

We all need guidance and encouragement
From our childhood to adulthood

by Kevin Anderson

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Mag Mag u filthy hag
U slippery slimey slut
Before I climb those scalely legs
And suck those festering tits
I'd eat a bowl of buzzard's puke
And die from drizzeling

by Kevin Anderson

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Mag Mag u fithty hag
U slippery slimmy slut
Before I climb those scalely legs
And suck those festering tits
I did eat a bowl of buzards puke
And die from the drizzeling shits...

Keep living and you'll

by Kevin Anerson

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I Pray

Blood, Fam, me, me, I'm up all night because I sleep during the day while most fall soundly asleep; I'm on bended knees, I pray. I spend my time reviewing the events and issues of the day for all things of relevance.

I praying I chose this

by Kevin Anderson

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The Demon Within

I have a little demon inside
He's very bold and hard to disguise
He's seen a lot, even though his visions are dim
Be careful not to cross him

Maybe you've seen him in action
Whether glad or mad, he gorged on passion
Do you know his name

by Kevin Anderson

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Headline Author Kevin Anderson’s new book “My Thoughts” is an inspiring collection of poetry written by a man who has traveled far and wide and experienced nearly all there is. Short Description Recent release “My Thoughts” from Newman Springs Publishing author Kevin Anderson is a moving compilation of poems and ruminations that explore various mysteries of life and the human condition. Using his own experiences as a source of inspiration, Anderson shares a wisdom about the world with readers that not many authors have as he digs deep into his soul to share his knowledge. Long Description Kevin Anderson, a veteran of the United States Air Force with thirty years of service, has completed his new book “My Thoughts”: a stirring assortment of poetry exploring the gambit of human emotions and the complex questions of the world. From grief to celebration and loss to love, no topic is overlooked as Anderson taps into his deep pool of experiences to share his provoking thoughts. In one such poem about affection, Anderson writes, “She means more than fresh air; she’s more than a simple breeze // She’s my lungs; as she inhales and she exhales, I breathe // Her warmth heats my passion, and I ignite the sun // Melting icebergs in boiling oceans and // melting candle wax, watch it run // Under heavy cloud covers, come the wet and the rain // Splashing and dripping...she’s calling my name // Does the sun ever set; does the moon ever rise // I have not taken notice; she has engulfed my eyes // Love is like the air; it can’t be seen // It can be felt but not touched like an X-rated dream // Hearts racing, bodies trembling, a hot shower and mirrors steamed // She is my hot cup of coffee with extra sugar and more cream // Life isn’t always as life cares to seem // Passion and love are not illusions; time lost // without them cannot be redeemed // She means more than fresh air; she’s more than a simple breeze // She is my lungs; as she inhales and she exhales, I breathe.” Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Kevi n Anderson’s poignant and insightful writings contain material that readers of all backgrounds can relate to and find meaning in. Having traveled the world through his service in the Air Force, Anderson brings a unique viewpoint to his work that truly captures what it is to be a person in the world and having to tackle all that life contains. Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase “My Thoughts” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732-243- 8512. 

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"My Thoughts" the book is availiable on Amazon, B&N, Apple Music.

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