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It wasn't it,

I actually thought I found that person. The one that makes your heart race just at the very thought of them,
 the person that makes you smile even on the worst day ever,
 the one who gives you that reason to wake up when you don't want to,

by Billie dee ryder

added by billiedee_r
10 months ago

Never wanted to love again

I fell in love
My heart came out to play
I tried to fight it
To push all those feelings away.

But every time i saw you
I looked into those beautiful eyes
I felt as if your soul caputed mine
I couldnt

by Billie dee ryder

added by billiedee_r
11 months ago

Hate to hurt

I hate hurting
Please let it stop
Your friends tell lies or truths
I dont know
What they are
But the idea of it being true
Is just to much to bare
If they are true
Please walk away
Dont hurt me anymore
Dont be cruel or selfish
Just walk right

by Billie dee ryder

added by billiedee_r
11 months ago


Remember those times you were there for me,
When my friends and I would fight,
Or all those times you stood at my side
Even when I wasnt right
Remember those days you stayed home with me
Just because I was sick
Or all those times I disobeyed your

by Billie dee ryder

added by billiedee_r
11 months ago

Just one more time

I sit here alone
Thinking of you
Wondering again
If your real
I dont remember
When I saw you
When we last kissed
I just remember how it felt
Are you invisible
If your real
When will you come back
Can I see you again
I want to feel what I have

by Billie dee ryder

added by billiedee_r
11 months ago

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ty :) sorry this was so late

9 months ago

Hi ambrosia

11 months ago

I love this!

11 months ago

Just so everybody knows I'm not suicidal everybody has moments in time when they feel as though that's the best option. Some more then others some more real then others. I am no exception the difference between me and others is I write to reflect on those feelings when I read it I realize there is to much to live for. Some people will judge this poem and the person who wrote it but those same people are just to scared to say out loud to one person what I am telling millions. It's ok to feel like that you just need to find a way to deal with it and writing is mine. After I do those thoughts just become how I felt for a moment in time. Recently there was a death in my family my cousin my sister my best friend I took it harder then any other I have ever encountered for a few reasons. I overdosed on her birthday and remember trying to walk towards the warmth I felt. but my deceased loved ones wouldnt let me pass by. All I remember is the closer I got to them a great sence of peace and warmth came over me. But there energy willed me back and behind me all I could hear was people calling to me, it so noisy and cold back there...I know people reading this may think I'm crazy but it's TRUE. When I came to I was so mad they brought me back I remained that way for days lol. I'm glad they did now I have to much to do before I go but I'm one of the lucky few that have an idea of what to expect. And that realize those feelings are normal to have, and that have found my way to cope with them in that moment. Thank you no need for concern 

11 months ago


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