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I’m an engineer who loves to sing while strumming a guitar and to write poetry/songs. My poetry is atrocious, my playing is egregious, and my singing makes mocking birds fall from the sky, but this has never stopped me from continuing. Luckily, I was pretty good at math and science, so my left brain keeps the lights on in my house while my right brain that keeps the lights on in my soul.

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Cozy Comfort

Life can be such an awesome event
When you realize your last dollar is spent
And those dreams are not quite close enough
To wash your boat past the rocky...

by Greg Lanier

added by GregLanier
1 year ago

The Velvet

I walked into a velvet yard
and spake a velvet tongue.
Then pulled across my velvet eyes
the lids of velvet young.

And then I lifted velvet hands
up to my velvet face
to feel the lines of age beyond
my tarnished, brassy...

by Greg Lanier

added by GregLanier
1 year ago

Places in the Ground

There are places in the ground
Where treasure chests can still be found
But all the wisdom buried there
Has long decayed from lack of wear

How do I know that once there lied
A secret treasure in disguise?
I read a book.

by Greg Lanier

added by GregLanier
1 year ago

Short Rope

Wakin’ to the silence of the mornin’
Reachin’ for a song to start the day
Disregard the surgeon general’s warnin’
Gonna’ die of somethin’ anyway
Peekin’ out the window
At the comin’ of the dawn
Sifting through some mem’ries
I thought were dead and...

by Greg Lanier

added by GregLanier
1 year ago

Run with Me

Run with me
To free your imagination
Touch the golden chalice
Enter the dark wood without foreboding and
Taste the forbidden fruit

Run with me
To find the gods
Dispel the myths
Create the rumors and
Sacrifice the...

by Greg Lanier

added by GregLanier
1 year ago

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Fantastic! Flooded my mind with great, and occasionally sad, memories.

4 months ago

Thanks Steve. The visions of life can certainly be a roller coaster ride.

Remembering Simple Pleasures is great, BTW.

4 months ago

Great work, Marilyn. It inspires vivid imagery.

11 months ago

Thanks, UJ. I see it as a description of manic depression; incredibly high for a short expanse while on your drug of choice (booze, gambling, whatever), then incredibly low when consequences smack you between the eyes. 

1 year ago

Good stuff, Leo. Keep it coming.

1 year ago

Good job, Tommy. Very soulful.

1 year ago

Great work, Tommy. Keep it coming, bro. I have something similar called The Game and you caught my attention with looking in the mirror.

Congrats on kicking cancer’s ass. Stay strong.

1 year ago

Thanks. Same back at you, Soul. You’re my only fav so far.

1 year ago


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