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53 yr old single mother of a wonderful daughter, mental health professional, living in Phoenix, AZ. Enjoy spending time with family and friends, art, music and expressing feelings through poetry, writing songs and creative writing.

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Looking like the living dead In this endless hour I dread Alone together is old news An open secret if I choose Sounds of silence in this organized mess Leave me clearly confused I must confess Same difference I will act naturally Just please be b...

by Shari Sullivan

added by lightandloveforall_1
7 days ago

Your Excuse

Now I lay me down to slumber I don't exist, lose my number Your regime I'm no longer under Let no man put asunder This goes beyond the scope Of your ability Give me more rope Uncomfortable is the noose I let you loose Don't have to hear your excuse

by Shari Sullivan

added by lightandloveforall_1
8 days ago

Manic Depression

Denials insane anxiety Of a depressed variety All bottled up inside of me Contradiction Like my addiction In sobriety Product of society Unspoken traditions And responsibilities in addition Crashing down on me Familiar inadequacies Fear, hasty w...

by Shari Sullivan

added by lightandloveforall_1
9 days ago

Oh the Guilt

Anxious, but depressed I backtrack Digress I won't want more of less best left Unspoken Unspoken Best kept intentions I need an Intervention You don't need my permission It's almost Intermission Intermission Commission, omission Commission, ...

by Shari Sullivan

added by lightandloveforall_1
9 days ago

Eye of the Storm

Waiting in the eye of the storm isn't easy you know Already been through hell Waiting for the rest to blow That's the thing you never know When to stay or when to go And in the eye your cool eyes not revealing But you're seething I'm in the eye s...

by Shari Sullivan

added by lightandloveforall_1
9 days ago

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