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Life on the Edge

Billions of iridescent butterflies
Softly thrash the air, turning the noon sky
To dusk, slowly falling,
Like fat snow flakes,
Thickly blanketing the land
Under a layer of rustling parchment.

by William Goresko

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5 months ago

Behind the Veil (11/20/87)

Like some great tree in the twilight
Of the year, I have been stripped of all
My finery, and left standing naked in
The cold of winter, ravaged by the elements,
Yet I shall endure to the end.

by William Goresko

added by cuwoodford
6 months ago

My Tears Form Rivers (1/13/88)

My tears form rivers
That flood their banks
On their winding journey
To the sea. My grief
Is so bountiful it fills
The fields with blades
Of tall grass in which
I lose myself. My pain
Is that of the prisoner
Who has been lashed
And deeply scarred...

by William Goresko

added by cuwoodford
6 months ago

To You, Ludwig (3/17/88)

Out of the twilight of classicism,
An age dominated by Haydn,
Realizing its apotheosis in the pure
And shimmering vision of Mozart,
You erupted like some great volcano,
And with a few violent shudders,
Altered the musical landscape forever

by William Goresko

added by cuwoodford
6 months ago

A Valentine Card (2/15/88)

Today, my son, you drew me
A Valentine card
With pictures of dinosaurs
Ringed by the words
"Hugs and Kisses"
Proclaiming your love for me.
Within your little chest
There beats an enormous heart;
A lovely untamed beast,
It tugs and strain...

by William Goresko

added by cuwoodford
6 months ago

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