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I was born Thursday November 15th 1983. My parents were on there way to the hospital for a tour of the ob wing. There was a c-section scheduled for the next day, but God had other plans. A car side swiped their car on the bridge. Forcing my head into the birth canal and tighten the cord around my neck. Doctors told her not to push, because my heart kept stopping. My mother was told to stop pushing but we all know how how hard that can really be. When I emerged I was purple and unresponsive, while the doctor tried to revive me fifteen minutes had passed. Then I began to cry. I was 10 days late arriving in the world.

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Silently Rushing Rivers

Chattering cheers Hopefully no tears Voices in my head, They sound like thee. Criticizing me Back side of the leaf. Wind blown. Trees shake branches, bend snap! I feel a quiver in my hand a flinch of thumb White noise Muffling thoughts Crying ...

by Jennie Lynn Thrush

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1 month ago

My Shedding Grief

I feel my tears beneath the surface, A tickle in the tip of my nose eyes watering. Can you hear me Screaming inside my head. Like screaming Into a muffling pillow My world is falling apart Now that you're gone a DAM bursting. Glossy eyes Rivers o...

by Jennie Lynn Thrush

added by JennT
1 month ago

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I'm writing again, after the death of my father. Whom passed away from pancreatic cancer just over a year ago. I feel my poems could help others with their grief as writing them and reading them has me. My Shedding Greif, is the title to one of my poems. Please read and be inspired. Thank you! Jennie Lynn Thrush 

1 month ago


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