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I remember reading 'The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner' and 'The Albatross' in high-school English/Literature class. I didn't develop a real interest in poetry though until the early 1970s, and that's when I started writing. I'm not exactly prolific, and have always written only when I really felt like it.

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An Introspective Journey (in futility)

The doors of chance are closing fast,

  Time of choice will soon be past.
Decisions made are set forever,

  Retracing paths will happen never.

  I do not know how this has come. Seems I awake one day and the world has been recreated...

by A. Dale Ambers

added 3 months ago

It was a picture I found....

  Perplexing to look upon,
Like finding no sound,

  When playing a favorite song.

I could tell by the style,

  By its touch and its feel,
This was someone I knew,

  Someone who was real.

I strain for...

by A. Dale Ambers

added 4 months ago
So I Say

Many things are given voice,
Perhaps at times there is no choice.
When lips are loose and heart strings tight,
Words will spill into the light.

Too long bound within the dark,
Resisting yet we still remark.
I will not say it so I say,

by A. Dale Ambers

added 5 months ago

Somewhere between fantasy,
  And cold as a stone,
In darkness I dwell,
  With my thoughts all alone.

This Darkness foreboding,
  Born of thought that we share,
Full of pleasures forbidden,
  Doth flesh and fancy...

by A. Dale Ambers

added 2 years ago
An Introspective Journey

The doors of chance are closing fast,
  Time of choice will soon be past.
Decisions made are set forever,
  Retracing paths will happen...

by A. Dale Ambers

added 2 years ago

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This was evocative in a sublime way and exemplified how a poem should feel in my view.

2 months ago

Besides the good meter and rhyme, there was a poignant melancholy in this work for me. I often reminisce about the days of my youth and contemplate diminishing days. This poem give cause to reflect on what purpose our lives have served. 

3 months ago

I related to the issue of aging and the inherent infirmities it brings.

4 months ago

I voted for 'No Longer Yours To Keep' because it had the best feel for rhyme and the subject is poignant.

5 months ago

I think writing poetry is an effort to express something that's otherwise difficult to express. For a lot of people those things are too tedious so are ignored to whatever extent possible. If you're young and not ignoring those inclinations that's a good thing. 

2 years ago

I'm not sure why, but some places for poetry don't want you to post your work. Perhaps they just want people to talk about poetry. I had joined the old about 20 years ago and it was always post-friendly. I've only bothered to have one of mine published and it was in's publication in print and poetry read aloud. You should have a good experience here. 

2 years ago

I wasn't aware that had went by the way-side until I got an email invitation from this resurrected version.
The classic poets are all good, and I'd be hard-pressed to list more than a very few as favorites. Among those would be Poe, Shakespeare, Browning, Dickens....I also admire the writing of Khalil Gibran. 

2 years ago


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