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Speak His Name with Care

Don’t talk about my Jesus that way,
He’s my Savoir and Redeemer every day
If I fall I know he’s there to help me stand
He’s the only one who died for every man.
He’s the healer of broken hearts
He is there for who is lost
My Jesus, my love
Made h...

by Noleen A Finch

added by alno1950
6 months ago

Heavy Sadness

Sadness dances through my veins,
Weighing my body down,
There’s nothing I can do to change
The tears that hit the ground.
I face my fears head on
It doesn’t seem to make me mend
And yet I know deep inside
Sometimes I just want it to end
The fears,...

by Noleen A Finch

added by alno1950
7 months ago

Does It Matter?

Does it matter what color is his face,
if it doesn't matter if he's small?
Does matter then what is his race,
if it doesn't matter if he's tall?
Didn't God say to love fellow man,
didn't he say to be kind?
This is one thing I don't understan...

by Noleen A Finch

added by alno1950
7 months ago


You saw a light when others saw none,
You lived each moment with grace
You offered your best to those in need
A class act no one could replace.
Times we shared are etched in my mind,
They still can make me smile,
You were honorable and brave,

by Noleen A Finch

added by alno1950
7 months ago

A Silent Tear

It hurts so deep to know this
I swear I can hear my heart cry
No day has been the same since
I was told a lie.
A lie is nothing to counter,
It doesn’t stay in the light,
It weaves a heavy burden
leaving truth far from sight.
I feel as if I’m froze...

by N A Finch

added by alno1950
7 months ago

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