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Simply Love her

Once more I gaze into your loving eyes as they sparkle like pools in paradise. Then as I give your lips a tender kiss we both enter into that world of bliss. I run my fingers slowly down your spine your lovely body pressing close to mine and can ...

by Royston

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12 hours ago

Capturing the moment that changed my life

It was a precious moment; a moment so divine when you appeared into my life and your eyes first met mine. The world appeared to stand still caught up in such ecstasy and my heart was smitten by the girl standing next to me. What a difference y...

by Royston

added by royston
3 days ago

Grow old with me

Grow old with me my lovely lass, I pray, and let us hold hands as we walk life’s way embracing together the passage of time for I’ll always be yours and you’ll be mine. You are the very darling of my heart and I feel so lost when we are apart. Ev...

by Royston

added by royston
4 days ago

It’s not about the body

It’s not about this body that’s subject to decay. but it’s about the soul that will never fade away. This body’s getting older and does not function well and upon its limitations my mind began to dwell. Then to me, “Fear not,” I heard God’s Ho...

by Royston

added by royston
6 days ago

The battle of Reading Rock - Part 10

The rubbish piles, stretched on for miles, where the enemy's tents had been as I packed away, on that final day, I surveyed this great battle scene It was as though, God used this to show, and took time to reveal to me what had taken place, in...

by Royston

added by royston
7 days ago

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