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A Returning Poet And remember some of my poetry like my first poem on In 2005 The poem was called Life, The Other Titles are called Your Echoing Heart and Heaven's Light. There are many more poems Like these and they may or not be lost searching for them at the moment.

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Life's Consequences Of Relief

Barking dogs relief while realism Leaps and bounds realizing that life has consequences good or bad & Where to go? What to experience upon a bidding for extra time to share? Stop over thinking about everything, Just keep breathing and clutch...

by Lisa M. Thomas

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2 months ago

Nerves Performing

I have an urge to do something not nice
Unladylike it's more unknown wanting to scream and screaming louder yet knowing that no one hears me, Not even my teachers they mustn't know I want to tell them, No I don't. A few drops of blood only to calm...

by Lisa M. Thomas

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3 months ago

Inter Termoil

Laughing with love
sounds like yesterday's woes
Being to careful holding so much?
Slowly step forward and step
towards a path, Standing firm while Free falling from a personal point of view manage to Stand and Climb out
As far as I can.

by Lisa M Thomas

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3 months ago


Hiding Tears throughout a simple Vibrant day.
Wondering how you going to get together with a friend? No matter what!
When you are thinking about leaving,
This hurts the thought of being with you and with a broken heart?
 Seemingly going through t...

by Lisa M. Thomas

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3 months ago

Attended Step

Taking a Step In The Same Ways
looking forward to moving in a positive manner, Where you going may not be the same direction as was attended from yesterday till nowhere unless you make a decision that can help towards another day.

by Lisa M Thomas

added by Counterpoint
3 months ago

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all I know there's a way but doesn't mean you are there try poet or if you are published try finding the book you were In. Yes I do miss the old schematics of poetry. com

2 months ago

I Would like to get my older poetry how can I go back that far started From 2005 and 2017? My Name is Lisa M. Thomas and I would like to put it in my collection again how do I go about this? Does The old archive still exist from the old Last Question Do you still have the poetry contests Like you used to? 

3 months ago


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