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dark times

the woodlands cry as if with voices,
they scream in pain to the god above.
the fire is burning deceptive, corruptive,
the god turns away as he shakes his head in shame.

by beau ashley

added by isol
5 years ago

the shadow that guides me

as i walk upon life's shore..
i catch a glimps of a flitting shadow,
it stays ahead in the oceans roar,
sends thoughts of peaceful meadows.
troubles come rolling like angry waves,
the shadow it calms the seas.
sends thoughts of soldiers,

by beau ashley

added by isol
5 years ago

lonely wanderer

from day light to darkness,
from dawn light to dusk.
day after day,
with no one to trust.
with tears in his eyes,
with tares in his heart.
day after day,
alone is his part.
far from his homeland,
in strange lands he must,
stagger alone,
in god onl...

by beau ashley

added by isol
5 years ago

tigers eye

in the tigers eye i see,
fastened deep below the surface,
a storm rages and then calms.
lightning strikes the midnight sky,
the oceans breakwaters dash the beach,
in the tigers eye i see.
in the shadowy after darkness,
the storm has shattered...

by beau ashley

added by isol
5 years ago


as quiet as the rain falls on a cloudy night...
as silent as the dew arrives in the dawning light...
a flame is lit, a love is born.
that love it dies, a heart is torn.
the world is seen through brand new eyes.
those eyes grow dim, a mother cries....

by beau ashley

added by isol
5 years ago

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