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Passionate for free style writing Simple poem Rhymes , ballad song , Play music instruments.

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One gloomy day
On sunda.y
I felt lonely
Because the mists
is wrapping the forests
With layers of fogs
and mists , hikers and
bickers aren't able to see
their way out in the maze
But a minute latter the
The sun shines burn out
The clouds and mists...

by Perpetua aperocho

added by Perpetuaa
5 months ago

Stay safe little chicks

Little chicks do not go far away
Crows are every where looking
For their preys. When you see them
Flying high and low be ready to run
and hide yourselves in bushes or in a shelter to prevent them from
Catching you and the others. Be safe
Little ...

by Perpetua Aperocho

added by Perpetuaa
6 months ago

The Hope

Looking outside and raise
My head up high
Making my wish to
Lift up hope
for everybody to appreciate
The true beauty of the
universe Creation of god almighty
Hoping and praying for
Everybody's well
It is about time
To unlock the deepest fee...

by Perpetua Aperocho

added by Perpetuaa
7 months ago


Crows flying all together
Their flocks to the
North end corner
To find a fresh grains for food.
Be watchful when
Crows are flying near you as they
Could snatch food
from your hands too.

by Perpetua Aperocho

added by Perpetuaa
8 months ago

The tiny frogs

Tiny frogs are adorable
Their amphibious
Skills in swimming
is very entertaining
They could live in
The mad , swamps
Or anywhere you
Could imagine.
frogs can leap
Higher from one
Place to the other.
Hush did you hear a husky voice
That means th...

by Perpetua Aperocho

added by Perpetuaa
8 months ago

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