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"Some things I don't know"

I do anything to know everything, But but There's just something I Don't know...

  Because I refuse to adhere to the devil's ways, Because there's just some ways I WON'T GO...

Because it's in me, I used to be, The moon the way that I Glow...

by Leo price

added by KingLeo
6 months ago

"My Blessings"

My blessings are for everyone, And as far as I can see.

My Blessings are for everyone, And they're not just made for me.

My blessings are to spread the light, That's so graciously Shines on me.

by Leo Price

added by KingLeo
6 months ago

"Yours to take"

The Gift of Life, The gift of love, The gift of giving, The reality of. A World Without Anger, A World Without hate, These gifts are simply ... YOURS TO TAKE.

by Leo Price

added by KingLeo
6 months ago


Leaders lead from the front, they don't push from the back. Desperate situations, they are the first to react.

by Leo Price

added by KingLeo
6 months ago

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