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I like words that rhyme with death and things that rot

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Running under the three moons Her world is feral, it's her hunting ground The moon is full She sings softly with the children of the night What music they indeed make The river moves swiftly Down in the darkness She rose to the light Queen of the ...

by Danny krz

added by Abrakahdead
1 month ago

The Grey

The Grey Sitting here in the dark Cigarette smoke fills my lungs I am not gay I am not straight Am I living just to breathe Or Am I just breathing just to live I am not a They I am not an It My heart is pulled into several directions Like Nut ne...

by danny krz

added by Abrakahdead
1 month ago

The End Of The Dream

The End Of The Dream I dreamt of you again Your anguish resurfaced  And washed over me It was not enough For you to haunt me in life But you even haunted me in death I found your grave Brushed off the face Those lingering feelings rema...

by Danny krz

added by Abrakahdead
1 month ago

This Isn't Gospel

This Isn't Gospel  Bleed it out Cut out the tongue These words are stronger Like the pen and paper Drag me out Beat me down This ritual of silence Won't be the final death You are the cancer I am the nature to take back The truth. H...

by Danny krz

added by Abrakahdead
1 month ago

The Game Is Over

The Game Is Over.  A vicious cycle Comes crashing to an end Twelve years Was long enough Twelve years It's been a long road out of hell  Angry words--I've had enough Can you hear this? As we come to an end The truth- The bitter truth  ...

by Danny krz

added by Abrakahdead
1 month ago

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