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Just a sojourner soulsinging alone, and along with my fellow sojourners.

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Fragmented Farewells

Fragmented farewells
Are the nightmares and hells
We forever carry within ourselves.

by Mystic Shadow Man

added by Mysticshadowman
5 months ago

Carry Beyond

In the immeasurable immensity
Of all that was, and is, and shall be,
Of what conceivable significance am I?

Are unseen shooting stars, blazing into life,
But incinerated into anonymous ash
In a mere millisecond flash,
Beautiful for a reason?

by Mystic Shadow Man

added by Mysticshadowman
5 months ago

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Dear Navya, I just love how you connect the counseling of your heart to sing with Nature's various ways of expressing herself. Singing with Nature as your fellow singer and ally, conspiring to bring your love song to the ears, heart, and spirit of your beloved. It's such beautiful imagery. How, no matter the season or weather, you turn its elements in a positive direction, using wind, cold, Warm Sun, barren desert, renewing Spring, even thr birds, to help your song of love to reach your beloved's inmost heart. Its so perfect a poem for this time of year. Just right for late winter/early spring season. Like Easter Lilies - blooming right when the moment is perfect. Thanks for sharing this beautiful, naturalist's love poem with us. It's magniloquent!  

5 months ago

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