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Heart Break

I gave you my heart Then you tore it apart You made me feel loved Because of you I'm in an emotional flood Now because of you I feel unloved Clearly with you i misjudged I thought you were the one But then you said we're done I let my walls down...

by sage wrobel

added by princesss.66989
3 days ago
My One And Only

Emilley Ann May your the only one for me With you I feel free Your the most beautiful woman any man could dream of Over and over with you I keep falling in love In case you haven't heard With you I feel on top of the world like a bird Your eyes b...

by sage wrobel

added by princesss.66989
5 days ago
My Love

Jennelle you mean everything to me in life I love you like a wife I will love you until death And if I could I would give you my very breath I will do anything to protect you That's how much my feelings grew I would never give up on you Even if y...

by sage wrobel

added by princesss.66989
5 days ago
Love Conquers All

I have been hurt many times in life It always felt like a knife But with you I feel all new Its nice to be able to talk to you My past is horrific But I can now be specific I can talk about it Without falling into a pit Because of you I am free ...

by Sage Wrobel

added by princesss.66989
6 days ago

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