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Fornicators unconcealed
Ignoble in their carnal lust
To wanting yearning
willing yield
in pastures green
they writhe and thrust

Voyeurisms gift to you
Whomsoever wants to view
Daytime fayre or woods at night
All laid bare in pale moonlight

by Tim Bucktooth

added by Viceversa
2 months ago


The spirits of wine sing to me
as a choir to the throng
In Crystal vessels pure and clean
They hum their siren song
Dry fruity, mellow sweet
Their praises must be sung
Tasty tantalising treat
Like poems for the tongue!

by E nofile

added by Viceversa
3 months ago


Out on a boat, with a threelegged stoat
A deaf rat, and a gerbil with piles
A flatulent cat, and a wonky eared bat
A hyena that giggles and smiles!
(No laughing matter)
Meerkat with a twitch, a warty nosed witch
Who had never once cast a spell
A f...

by Drew peacock

added by Viceversa
7 months ago


Had I but worlds enough and time
I'd draw my lover line by line
In all her carnal beauty posed
Her body wantonly exposed

by Drew peacock

added by Viceversa
7 months ago

Winters Wight

Desolate beauty
Winters Wight
O'er strand and sea
A mystic light

by Tim bucktooth

added by Viceversa
9 months ago

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