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Thank you

Thank you my love For the comfort I feel within myself Thank you my love For teaching me the value of silence The cleansing power of a teardrop Shame has no place in my love Shame no longer has a hold over my soul I intend to travel with your l...

by Holly Flame Maxey

added by jerseymaxey
1 day ago

no evidence

How can I tell you that I love you When I do not even believe that it exists I am a writer, a poet and a dreamer Or I was before.. Reality overtook my brain I can tell you that Thoughts of you Memories of our time together Never leave my mind...

by holly flame maxey

added by jerseymaxey
3 months ago

true love

I know I will never be equal to you I do not want to be If i were pressed to give a ratio Between you and me I would say 49/51 I always want you on top In every conceivable situation There is no growth in life Without pressure There is not peac...

by Holly Flame Maxey

added by jerseymaxey
3 months ago

Leap of Faith

Burning desire leads me to new roads That I never even knew existed I dream all day and every night For this fire to be put out Just long enough so i can remember To catch my breath I dance, I sing, I laugh Yet, it is not complete Without the ...

by Holly Flame Maxey

added by jerseymaxey
3 months ago

Thinking about what you said

You should not think that you are annoying Because… You are….you are annoying And that is ok...really it is ok Acceptance is key in moving on When you can accept who you are You can arrange your life Accordingly Say to yourself I am a poet and I...

by Holly Flame Maxey

added by jerseymaxey
3 months ago

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